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Household Handheld Turbocharged Shower Nozzle



1. Enhance water pressure, built-in turbo fan, vortex is intuitively reflected
The water flow will be sprayed on the blades of the turbofan, and will drive the turbofan to rotate quickly. When the turbofan rotates quickly, the water flow will be reversely pressurized, the internal pressure will increase, and the water inside the head will be sprayed out. The water will spray far
2. Filter flower wine, bid farewell to dirty water bath, PP cotton filter element
3. The one-button water stop comes with a convenient switch!
One-button press to stop the water to solve shampooing, bathing for children/pets, etc.
Turn on and off immediately, convenient and fast, worry-free and water-saving
4. Group control water discharge to ensure stronger boosting effect

Product information:

Type: Portable
Function: Rain
Material: ABS
Installation type: 4 points interface
Working temperature: room temperature
Style A: Silver transparent lower section (wind leaf),
Style B: white lower section transparent (wind leaf),
Style C: All silver (wind leaf),
Style D: all white (wind leaf)
Shower shape: round

Packing list: