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Cat Dog Nail Claw Clipper

$15.99 $25.99
: Pink 1

Material: Metal

Package Size: 20*10*10 cm (7.87*3.94*3.94 in)

Package Weight: 0.1 kg (0.22 lb)


 Sharp cuts and easy to cut. The grip feels comfortable, and it doesn't feel tired when holding for a long time. Hold the hand gently and hold the foot with one hand. When lifting the foot, naturally lift it along the joint direction. Do not bend it. Press the pattern to cut the nail. Look at the whole foot nails, pay attention not to cut blood vessels and nerves. Do not use hot water to disinfect and contact with oil, thinner, alcohol and other liquids. The metal part may be rusted. It should be protected from wet conditions and humid environment. It should be cleaned and stored in time. The tail section has a safety buckle that can be easily tightened and loosened.


product description:


Made of high-quality alloy material, it is sturdy and durable; the blade is sharp and it is not easy to produce burrs after cutting;


Ingenious arc-propelled design, easy to operate, easy to store, safe to store


The handle is made of high-grade soft EVA material, which is comfortable to hold and gives you a pleasant trimming process.


Regularly trimming the nails for the pets can effectively avoid the pain caused by the cracks of the nails caused by the long nails, and also avoid the sharp nails of the pets scratching the furniture, sofas, floors and the like.