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Portable Washing Machine Fully Automatic Dormitory Travel

$139.95 $159.95
: Green

Product information:

Floor material ABS

Power supply method Alternating current

Power plug specifications: 120v

Rated voltage 110-220V

rated power  10W

Capacity 300mL and below

Features: deep cleaning, ozone sterilization, blue light bacteriostasis, 15 minutes quick wash, water and electricity saving, and odor removal

Imitate human hand washing and knead carefully, adopt the design of forward and reverse wave wheel, release hands, do not damage clothes or wear, and wash more cleanly.
Recommended quantity per wash: 2 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of stockings, 4 pairs of socks, 1~2 pieces of baby clothing

How to use

Press and hold the middle button for 2-3 seconds, and it will start when you hear a beep. Tap again to pause

About the problem of washing machine
1. Regarding the spin-drying problem: This washing machine is mainly used for the cleaning of underwear, socks and small objects, so the equipment does not have a spin-drying function.
2. About cleaning: This washing machine is mainly used for the cleaning of underwear and socks. It is relatively weak to clean adult clothes and is easy to load. Please be aware.
3. Questions about the machine: When the machine leaves the factory, it will be tested for water leakage and power. After the test is correct, it will be packaged and sent back, so water stains will be left.

Packing List

Washing machine*1

Size Information: