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Portable Mini Thermal Label Printer Home Photo Printer Student Printer Bluetooth Mini Label Printer

: All green 2pcs

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The Phomemo T02 series is a mini pocket printer that does not require ink. The independently developed app is more suitable for foreign users' usage habits. The app supports 10 languages (Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese) suitable for foreign trade styles. Apple iOS, Android download app, mobile Bluetooth link, built-in high-quality lithium battery, easy to carry, capable of printing images, text, errors, and supporting various specifications of label printing

Product information:

Material: ABS
Style: simple and stylish
Features: Thermal paper printing
Color: white, pink
Product size: 87mmƗ90mmƗ40mm
Connection method: Bluetooth
Print type: inkless printing
Printing technology: thermal printing
Compatible system: Android 4.4/iOS8.0 and above
Power supply mode: lithium battery
Battery capacity: 1000mAh

Model number:

Green (including a roll of 1-meterĀ  1 roll of sticky paper )

Pink (including a roll of 1-meterĀ 1 roll of sticky paper)
White(including a roll of 1-meterĀ 1 roll of sticky paper)
Blue (including a roll of 1-meterĀ 1 roll of sticky paper)
Yellow (including a roll of 1-meterĀ 1 roll of sticky paper)
All green(including a roll of 1-meterĀ 1 roll of sticky paper)

Transparent Printer paper: 3 rolls 50mm*3.5m20 year transparent black letter thermal adhesive

Style A: 50mm * 3.5m 10-year white background with black lettering thermosensitive adhesiveļ¼ˆ Sticky paper ļ¼‰

Style B: 53mm * 6.5m 5-year-old yellow, pink, and blue background with black lettering on regular thermal paper (nonadhesive)
Style C: 50mm * 3.5m 20-year green, purple, orange with black letteringĀ 
thermosensitive adhesiveļ¼ˆSticky paperļ¼‰

Blue set: Blue printer +4 rollsĀ  Sticky paper

Green set: Green printer +4 rollsĀ  Sticky paper

Pink set: Pink printer +4 rollsĀ  Sticky paper

White set: White printer +4 rollsĀ  Sticky paper

Yellow set: Yellow printer +4 rollsĀ  Sticky paper

Ā  Size Information:

Packing list:


Product Image: