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Simulation Whitening Lower Row Braces Teeth Whitening Kit Upper Row Dentures Braces

: UpperLowerteethBoxed3pcs

The simulated tooth paste of silica gel makes it stand out from the crowd, making the teeth bring beauty effect, easy to use, easy to learn, can be used repeatedly and repeatedly, and is inexpensive.
1. Place teeth into a cup of hot water for 2 minutes to make it flexible.
2. Put the adhesive into the teeth veneer and gently place it against your teeth.
3. Ease the teeth out of your mouth after 30 seconds.
4. It is finished for the shape of your teeth.

1. These Veneers Are Re-Usable and Easy to Use
2. With an Adjustable Size
3. One Size Fits Most
4. Fits Securely and Comfortably in Just Minutes
5. Made with Safe and High-Quality Materials
6. Works with All Kinds of Crooked, Stained, Missing and Gapped Teeth


Product name: Imitation braces
Packing: opp/plastic box

Material: Polyethylene
Used for tooth restoration and whitening, dissolve the gutta percha with hot water, and then stick the dentures on the teeth

Product weight: 35g (with plastic box) 5g (opp bag)
Plastic box size: 85*18mm

Product detailed weight:
OPP upper teeth: 7g
OPP lower teeth: 7g
OPP upper and lower teeth: 14.5g
Plastic box upper teeth: 36g
Lower teeth in plastic box: 36g
Plastic box upper and lower teeth: 43g
Color box plastic box upper and lower teeth: 49g

Package Content: