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Yoga socks

: Bblack

Specifications: One size (suitable for 35-39 yards)
Material: polyester
Type: Fingerless backless models / backless models / five toes models. Uses: yoga / dance / trampoline

laundry guide
1. Do not soak for a long time
2. The first wash may have a little floating color
3. Please keep away from high temperature environment and avoid softening of rubber sole

1. Wear-resistant glue point protection
Over 300 non-slip glue dots, every point is resisting sliding
Glue point tightly combined with socks
Machine wash does not fall off

2. Fingerless backless style
Leave sweat out in summer

3. Five-finger separation design
Toe harder for more flexibility

4. Elastic socks
Snug package
Should not slip

5.Should not slip off: spiral non-slip
6.Half toe design: flexible and breathable
7. Shaped heel: heel is close / not suitable for sliding